Potable Water Tank Inspection & Cleaning

New Brochure

Check out our new brochure that features MY STORY.   See :   RPWT Brochure 2017

Since 1992 I have been involved with the inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks.     I have served more than 850 water utilities in Texas, Florida and 14 other states.

I am a former Master Peace Officer, Police Ethics Instructor and Security Consultant licensed by the State of Texas.

From 1993 to 1996 I served as the Director of Marketing for Underwater Services in Burleson, Texas. In 1996 they incorporated as U.S. Underwater Services Inc. and I served as Director of Operations for my last year at the company.

Since starting Ron Perrin Water Technologies (RPWT) in 1997 we have constantly worked to develop the most cutting edge methods to inspect and clean water storage tanks and towers. Our inspection and cleaning methods allow the water storage facilities to remain full of water,  millions of gallons of treated drinking water are saved  by our customers annually.

RPWT has been able to retain our very first customer and we have recently completed their 20th underwater inspection! Our commitment to safety, quality and competitive pricing have resulted in the successful retention of most of our customers, and we are still growing!

Click here to download: RPWT Brochure 2017

For more gat a free quote fill out this contact information

or call Debi toll free at:    888-481-1768

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