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New Water Tank Inspection Video

Water Tank Inspection. Water Tank Cleaning. KEEPING DRINKING WATER SAFE SINCE 1997. Check out our new video at www.watertankinspection.com.

TEXAS Water Tank Inspection


Ron Perrin Water Technologies offers Water Tank Inspection and water tower inspection in Texas and 14 other states. Check out our new web page at: www.watertankinspection.com. We inspect over 800 tanks a year. Ron Perrin Water Technologies offers three types of in-service inspection methods to give you the most information for the lowest cost with no disruption in your water service. Our most popular method is also the lowest cost using a remote underwater camera. This inspection covers all AWWA inspection points and allows the customer to get a first hand look at underwater conditions.


ROV inspections offer more information as the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is able to swim to the rear of the tank and record more remote areas.

Diver Inspection: Our potable water dive crew is the best inspection when you need to look an a specific area or the tank needs to be cleaned. Divers can quickly remove sediment form the floor of the facility. Sediment can be a safe habitat for bacteria, protozoa or even viruses. Keeping water storage tanks clean lowers chlorine cost and keeps your system healthy.


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for more detail See: www.watertankinspection.com

Need to do your own inspection?  See: DO YOUR OWN INSPECTION

Helpful Links:

Texas Inspection Form: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/assets/public/assistance/sblga/tankinspectform.pdf

Florida Inspection Rules: