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Tap Talk – What is in Your Water?

Be sure to check out our new video series we call “Tap Talk”. In this informative series we will explore what our field technicians and potable water dive crew typically finds in municipal drinking water tanks as the inspect and clean them in Texas and many other states. We will show you why keeping water tanks clean is important. There is a serious danger lurking in America’s water systems. Join me, (Ron Perrin), along with microbiologists and a former EPA employee, and Drinking Water Chief Len Pardee, as we discuss the problem.

For several years we have been working on a feature length documentary with the working title, “Out of sight, Out of mind – What is in your water”. This episode features parts from that film. Keeping tanks clean is very important, but before you can fix a problem you must know it exists. Water tank inspections are essential to properly manage any municipal water system. Big or small, if you do not know there is a problem with your water system, you can not make plans to take care of it. Sediment builds up in almost all water systems over time. Sediment on the floor of the tank can be a breeding ground for bacteria, protozoa, viruses and a host of other contaminants. In some tanks this soft sedimentation becomes a safe habitat where contaminants can grow protected from the chlorine and other treatment chemicals. As billions of bacteria form in the sediment treatment chemicals can be depleted, causing utilities to use more and more until they reach, or exceed, legal limits.

Simple tank cleaning remains the best solution.

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New Water Tank Inspection Video

Water Tank Inspection. Water Tank Cleaning. KEEPING DRINKING WATER SAFE SINCE 1997. Check out our new video at www.watertankinspection.com.

TEXAS Water Tank Inspection


Ron Perrin Water Technologies offers Water Tank Inspection and water tower inspection in Texas and 14 other states. Check out our new web page at: www.watertankinspection.com. We inspect over 800 tanks a year. Ron Perrin Water Technologies offers three types of in-service inspection methods to give you the most information for the lowest cost with no disruption in your water service. Our most popular method is also the lowest cost using a remote underwater camera. This inspection covers all AWWA inspection points and allows the customer to get a first hand look at underwater conditions.


ROV inspections offer more information as the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is able to swim to the rear of the tank and record more remote areas.

Diver Inspection: Our potable water dive crew is the best inspection when you need to look an a specific area or the tank needs to be cleaned. Divers can quickly remove sediment form the floor of the facility. Sediment can be a safe habitat for bacteria, protozoa or even viruses. Keeping water storage tanks clean lowers chlorine cost and keeps your system healthy.


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Need to do your own inspection?  See: DO YOUR OWN INSPECTION

Helpful Links:

Texas Inspection Form: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/assets/public/assistance/sblga/tankinspectform.pdf

Florida Inspection Rules:



New Brochure

Check out our new brochure that features MY STORY.   See :   RPWT Brochure 2017

Since 1992 I have been involved with the inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks.     I have served more than 850 water utilities in Texas, Florida and 14 other states.

I am a former Master Peace Officer, Police Ethics Instructor and Security Consultant licensed by the State of Texas.

From 1993 to 1996 I served as the Director of Marketing for Underwater Services in Burleson, Texas. In 1996 they incorporated as U.S. Underwater Services Inc. and I served as Director of Operations for my last year at the company.

Since starting Ron Perrin Water Technologies (RPWT) in 1997 we have constantly worked to develop the most cutting edge methods to inspect and clean water storage tanks and towers. Our inspection and cleaning methods allow the water storage facilities to remain full of water,  millions of gallons of treated drinking water are saved  by our customers annually.

RPWT has been able to retain our very first customer and we have recently completed their 20th underwater inspection! Our commitment to safety, quality and competitive pricing have resulted in the successful retention of most of our customers, and we are still growing!

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Tank Inspection Course at UTA


Our inspectors have the right training and equipment to get your job done safely

2019 – Course Dates: 8/2/19 and 10/11/19

The Environmental Training Institute at UT Arlington is offering a new course from a different point of view.  WTR 308 Water Storage Inspection Techniques is a 16hr class designed to give you a good understanding of how to safely inspect and document potable water storage tanks and towers.  I was contracted to develop the course earlier this year and now I have also been hired to be the instructor.  I will be taking a look at the safety concerns of working at height and in confined spaces.  We will review what the key inspection points are, high-tech inspection tools and the best ways to document what you find.  The class is now listed in the Environmental Training Institute Summer Catalog and online at:



Non-Profit will focus on inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks & Towers

The inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks is important to the health of a water system and important to people who drink from it.


The Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. is now designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service and has been Incorporated by the Texas Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Check out our blog and take the poll at:

Our Mission: To promote the safe inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks and towers. We plan to do this with our blog, publications and film.  The Working title to our film is Out of Sight, Out of Mind: What’s in Your Water?  We sill soon have a crowd funding  event to get the movie going too.

Advertisement space is now available on our blog we are also accepting on topic post with links to the authors webpage.  To contribute content to the film or the blog contact Ron Perrin at RonPerrinCSHO@gmail.com.  If you would like to show your support for our mission a donation as small as $2 is a great way to show you care about this issue.



Water Tower

Water Tower

Please write a review, we would love to post your comments about our service. We are celebrating our 18th year inspecting and cleaning water storage tanks and towers. I am proud to report that I have maintained my first customer this entire time. We now have many utilities we have serviced for over 17 years. Old or new, if you are one of our customers we would like to hear from you! Please take a minute and write a short review on our Facebook page!


Mission Street Grants for a Texas Company

Mission Main Street Grants

Thanks to your support we made it to the judging phase of the Mission Main Street Grants program from Chase! We are in the running for a $100,000 grant and a trip to LinkedIn HQ. Recipients will be announced in September – wish us luck!  Be sure to like our Page on FACEBOOK!


Ron Perrin

In the News

November 7th, 2014, Ginger Allen and the CBS 11 i-Team watches as my company inspects and cleans a north Texas water tower. The tower was cleaned as a normal maintenance procedure. A light- brown dusting of sediment was removed from the interior floor before it could get deep enough to support bacteria and become a problem.  


The tower was cleaned by a Commercial Diver who was trained at OCEAN CORP, Houston, Texas. The Diver is sealed in his own environment, then washed down with a chlorine solution. Because we specialize in the inspection and cleaning of Potable Water Storage Facilities, all of our equipment is purchased for, and only used in, potable water.

This utility is doing a great job of maintaining their system. However, utility managers across the country struggle to get the funds to properly maintain their systems. The EPA is currently considering a regulation that would require all water storage facilities to be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals. This new requirement could improve the water quality for millions of Americans.

Ron Perrin Speaks to I-Team Reporter Ginger Allen

Ron Perrin Speaks to I-Team Reporter Ginger Allen


The EPA is taking comments on this proposed regulation until the end of the year. We have the contact information posted on our blog, or you can just take our poll at: www.cleanwatertankproject.com. The poll results will be turned in to the EPA at the end of the year.

Sediment being removed

Sediment being removed





Safe tap water is something everyone should have.



Photos taken by

RPWT Office Manager Debi Wheelan

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Recent Cleaning Photo of Tank Sediment Removal

100_0370Sediment being removed from the floor of a water storage tank.

Our potable water dive crew is available to clean both water storage tanks and towers.

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